Tort Law in the news

The Denver Post
Jury awards $30 million to Colorado oilfield worker injured in explosion, but state cap will cut that in half
A Colorado jury awarded $30 million to an oilfield worker who was severely injured when a fracking tank exploded, but he’ll be unable to collect the full amount because state law limits damages companies are required to pay.
The Lever
It Just Got More Expensive To Fight Corporate Abuse
rom credit card terms of service to employment contracts, millions of people are trapped in agreements that only allow them to challenge corporate abuse through a private system of arbitration rather than in a court of law.
Associated Press
Jury says Donald Trump must pay an additional $83.3 million to E. Jean Carroll in defamation case
A jury has awarded a huge $83.3 million in additional damages to advice columnist E. Jean Carroll, who says former President Donald Trump damaged her reputation by calling her a liar after she accused him of sexual assault.
Washington Monthly
Trump and Giuliani Can’t Easily Wiggle Out of Defamation Payments
A cause of action for defamation is as old as the common law. Defamation is deemed an injury to personality.
Boston alleges pharmacy benefit managers helped fuel the opioid epidemic
Boston alleges that several pharmacy benefit managers collaborated with opioid manufacturers and intentionally ignored evidence of opioid misuse in pursuit of profit, essentially helping create and fuel the opioid epidemic in the nation.
Fox Business News
3M begins $6B settlement payment to veterans, issuing $253M
Approximately $253 million will be distributed as part of a settlement after earplugs manufactured by the company were alleged to provide insufficient protection and contribute to hearing loss.