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Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States
3M Lawsuit Ends in Victory for Veterans
3M agreed to pay $6.01 billion to settle lawsuits filed by U.S. service members and veterans who suffered hearing injuries to include hearing loss and tinnitus as a result of using the company's earplugs.
NBC News
Their babies died when Camp Lejeune’s water was poisoned. But justice has been hard to find
The mothers did not know why their babies were dying at Camp Lejeune.
Center for Justice & Democracy
Backgrounder: How Secondary Asbestos Exposure Devastates Families
A new Backgrounder about secondary asbestos exposure -- These victims have been grossly ridiculed by "tort reform" groups. So here's a response.
3M agrees to pay $6 billion in US military earplug lawsuit settlement
The 3M has agreed to pay $6.01 billion to settle lawsuits by U.S. military veterans and service members who say they suffered hearing loss from using the company's earplugs,
AFP -- Digital Journal
Why American communities are suing Big Oil for climate damages
Legal team taking on Big Oil over the 2021 Pacific Northwest Heat Dome disaster says it is the era of fossil fuel companies evading responsibility for their role in the climate crisis.
The New Jersey
Johnson and Johnson bankruptcy claim is a ruse to limit liability, cancer victims say
Critics say the company — worth over $400 billion — is far from bankrupt and instead just wants to keep their cases from being heard by juries.