Tort Law in the news

Associated Press
Judge asked to question jurors who awarded $38 million in New Hampshire youth center abuse case
Attorneys for a man who prevailed in a landmark lawsuit over abuse at New Hampshire’s youth detention center asked a judge Tuesday to reconvene and question jurors, some of whom have expressed dismay that the $38 million award could be slashed by nearly 9
Insurance Journal
Employer Can’t Deny Comp Claim in Shooting Then Argue Immunity, Court Says
An employer cannot deny a workers’ compensation claim on the grounds that a shooting injury was not work-related then turn around and argue it has immunity from a tort lawsuit because the incident happened at work....
Washington State Office of the Attorney General
Kroger to pay $47.5 million to Washington to combat fentanyl epidemic
The AG filed a lawsuit against Kroger for illegally, recklessly and negligently filling opioid orders without adequately investigating “red flags” of fraud or overprescribing.
Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
US Supreme Court won’t review decision that ratchets up legal risk at protests
One of the First Amendment’s bedrock protections for a free press and free expression is the rule that an individual lawfully exercising their constitutional rights can’t be held liable for a stranger’s uncoordinated decision to break the law nearby.
The Daily News
DOJ to pay $100 million to Larry Nassar victims for FBI negligence: report
Victims of Larry Nassar, the former doctor convicted of abusing hundreds of teen gymnasts over the course of decades, will get $100 million from the U.S. DOJ over the FBI’s glacial investigation that allowed the assaults to continue.
Hospitals responsible for acts of contract doctors
The Supreme Court of the State of Washington held a hospital remains responsible for those nondelegable duties regardless of whether it performs those duties through its own staff or contracts with doctors who are independent contractors.