Tort Law in the news

Center for Justice & Democracy
Kicked Out of Court in 2023; 50 Cases Showing the Real-World Impact of Forced Arbitration
Harmed individuals wanting to go to court seeking to hold a culpable company responsible had their suits kicked out of court due to a forced arbitration clause that was buried in a contract they seldom knew they “signed.
Center for Justice & Democracy
How Low Can They Go? State Civil, Tort, Med Mal, Products Caseloads and Jury Trials
Many states compile annual civil case filing and jury trial statistics and provide their data to the National Center for State Courts.
The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
Lawsuit claims insurer conned Iowa lawmakers into passing tort reform
MMIC, the lawsuit claims, used the lawsuit and the resulting jury award to persuade state lawmakers to pass tort-reform legislation that would save insurance companies millions by capping damages for malpractice that could be paid out to patients ...
Corporate Crime Reporter
David Engel on the Myth Of the Litigious Society
"[O]verall picture is that we are not a litigious society. We are not that different from other societies when it comes to use of tort law in particular. And the vast majority of people don’t go to lawyers and don’t file lawsuits.”
Olaplex Lawsuit Update
Lawsuit alleges that Olaplex caused users to experience hair breakage, hair loss and scalp irritation.
Daily Caller
Hawaii Supreme Court Justice Handling Lawsuit Against Oil Companies Calls Climate Change An ‘Existential Threat’
The Hawaii Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that Honolulu’s lawsuit against oil and gas companies, which alleges companies deceived the public about the dangers of fossil fuels and seeks damages to cover the cost of climate change, can proceed to trial.