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Reuters News
Supreme Court Purdue ruling makes mass litigation tougher to resolve in bankruptcy
The Supreme Court with Thursday's Purdue decision took that option off the table, ruling that nothing in U.S. bankruptcy law allows courts to release legal claims against non-debtors without the consent of the people who sued them.
Corporate Crime Reporter
Negligence Standard for AI
"Tort law offers a compelling template, but the challenge is to adapt its distinctly human notion of fault to algorithms" Tort law liability standard is negligence, which compares the defendant’s behavior to other ‘reasonable’ people's behavior.
Finger Lakes Times
Dollar General sued after woman slips on sidewalk at store and later dies
County treasurer is suing Dollar General Corp. on behalf of the estate of a Wayne County woman who died in January 2022 after slipping and falling on a sidewalk at the Route 414 store in Rose.
JD Supra
Colorado Supreme Court Rules On Economic Loss Rule Bars Plaintiff’s Claims
In City of Aspen v. Burlingame Ranch II Condo. Owners Ass’n, Inc., 2024 CO 46 (Colo. 2024), the Colorado Supreme Court case clarifies that the economic loss rule (ELR) has no part to play in determining whether the Colorado Government Immunity Act (CGIA)
Law & Crime
the Supreme Court ruled that the common law tort of malicious prosecution has its closest constitutional analogue in a Fourth Amendment unreasonable seizure claim.
Insurance Journal
Industry Groups Back Drugmakers’ Appeal in Zantac Cancer Lawsuits
A bid by GSK and other drugmakers to stop more than 70,000 lawsuits in Delaware over discontinued heartburn drug Zantac has received the backing of leading U.S. industry groups, including the United States Chamber of Commerce and Big Pharma.