Friends of the Museum

You can help us in this important work of preserving and expanding our system of civil justice, by becoming a Friend of the Museum!

Our mission of public education is not merely to preserve our system of law, but to expand the proper utilization of the tort law, trial by jury, and the civil justice system, to protect us all, when people or property are wrongfully injured.

As a Friend of the Museum, you will:

  • Meet participants at Museum events. Participants have included Phil Donahue, attorneys Jan Schlichtmann (“A Civil Action”), Mitchell Garabedian (“Spotlight”), Tom Girardi (“Erin Brokovich”), Thomas Fortune Fay (victims of state-sponsored terrorism), and John Barylick (victims of The Station nightclub fire), Constitutional Scholar Akhil Amar and Pulitzer-Prize winning cartoonist Matt Wuerker, among others;
  • Receive a packet of information about tort law and the civil justice system, as well as a free ‘American Museum of Tort Law’ magnet;
  • Receive the Executive Director’s annual report; and
  • Best of all, further galvanize all of us, by connecting with our work and with like-minded other Friends;