They’re Up to No Good

16 February 2018

The White House Fiscal Year Budget for 2019 contains proposals that would gut the ability of injured patients to hold healthcare providers accountable for the consequences of medical errors.  It would also usurp state laws, and eliminate constitutional rights.  And cost taxpayers money, while resulting in more injuries and death.

Fortunately, the Center for Justice and Democracy has come out with a detailed, point-by-point analysis of why this budget proposal is so terrible, unfair, and entirely unnecessary, “A ‘Retort” to the White House Budget’s Medical Malpractice Proposals.”  Here is a link to the article:

This White House budget proposal is an attempt to drive seriously injured people out of the courtroom, while protecting bad, or negligent, or incompetent doctors and hospitals.  Take a look at the Center’s excellent article to learn more.

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