Ralph Nader’s statement on the death of Ramsey Clark

14 April 2021

Our sympathies to the family of former Attorney General and architect of key civil rights laws, Ramsey Clark. He believed no matter how brutal the accused defendants, they must be tried under the rule of law with competent counsel. He practiced what he preached, often pro bono. For the law to be respected, there had to be universal due process to the most unsavory. For his beliefs, he was denounced by those liberals who just couldn’t stomach his unbreakable stand against governmental and corporate lawlessness, whether in violation of constitutions, statutes or treaties. There is a recent (2018) documentary “Citizen Clark: A Life of Principle” by Joe Stillman that conveys, in engrossing detail, what Clark stood for and stood against, regardless of the odds, wherever he courageously advocated all over the world. A bold peace advocate, defender of the powerless, Ramsey Clark took his compassion to the disabled, especially his daughter Ronda, born deaf and epileptic, telling everyone: “Ronda is our great joy, she’s a great teacher. She has shown us the importance of patience, of discovery and love.”

-Ralph Nader

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