Safer Pregnancy; Safer Medical Labels; and a Safer Country

December 22, 2017

On December 21st, 2017, the California Sate Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision of enormous importance to victims of inadequately labelled prescription drugs. The Court…

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17 November 2017 – Torts in the News

November 17, 2017

Here is some news about torts that you may have missed: 1.Time Magazine reports on a heartbreaking case:  “An 87-Year-Old Nun Said She Was Raped…

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Recent Tort News

November 9, 2017

Here are some recent stories about tort law that you may have missed: The New York Times reported on September 30, 2017 that contact sports…

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Thomas V. Girardi joins Tort Museum

August 28, 2017

The American Museum of Tort Law is proud to Announce that Attorney Thomas V. Girardi joins many other distinguished colleagues as a Founder.

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Torts of the Future

May 23, 2017

Bruce Schneier, a fellow and lecturer at the Harvard Kennedy School, and the chief technology officer of the cybersecurity company Resilient, has an op-ed piece…

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