Famous Cases

Seal of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin

Vosburg v. Putney

April 3, 2020

Here’s what happened: Waukesha, Wisconsin, February 20, 1889. School. Class is in session. There are two boys that we are concerned with, Andrew Vosburg, who…

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Inetianbor v. Western Sky Financial

February 19, 2019

  Here’s a case you should know about. It highlights not only the dangers of predatory lenders, but also the many shortcomings of mandatory arbitration.…

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The Tobacco Cases

June 13, 2016

Do you remember Joe Camel and the Marlboro Man? Cigarette manufacturers don’t use them in their ads anymore, because a series of lawsuits beginning in the 1980s have succeeded in holding Big Tobacco companies accountable for their dangerous products and in making them change some of their practices.

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