Adnaan Stumo’s benefit concert

28 December 2018

“I’m so grateful this wonderful performance was documented and posted for those of us who couldn’t make it that evening. A year ago, we toured the Museum with our son’s Moot Court coach after an introduction by its founder, Ralph Nader. For us, as children of the 20th century, as well as for our own children of the 21st, it was an inspirational retelling of the story of a movement that was at once one of most important legal, medical, political, and social developments of its time. The adaptive reuse of this landmark building for the purpose of the Museum and gathering place for events, including this appearance by musician and Nader nephew, Adnaan Stumo, is a lasting gift to the citizens of Winsted, people of the region, and visitors from afar. Stumo’s talents as a performing artist are evident throughout, as is his power to transport the audience to the many people and places he’s encountered. He has become one of the great troubadours of his generation, and as was the case with his uncle before him, for that we are all fortunate. Congratulations to both men and their proud family.”

Atty. Douglas Ovian
Sr. Asst. Public Defender
Hartford Community Court

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