VoxBox Civic Engagement Summer Course

June 17 - July 14

Find your voice, shape your world!

Join us this summer for an unforgettable journey of learning, collaboration, and impact!

Overview: Are you passionate about civics and eager to make a tangible impact? VoxBox invites you to be part of an exclusive, zero cost 4-week summer course designed to empower driven individuals with the tools, knowledge, and network to drive positive change. This year’s chosen topic is environment. Dive deep into the complexities and civic impact of environmental issues, develop innovative solutions, and connect with like-minded peers across six states.

-Exclusive Opportunity: Participate in a transformative program and learn valuable skills. -Impactful Network: Engage with experts and peers passionate about making positive social change.

-Hands-On Learning: Partake in real-world problem solving and collaborative projects. -Mentorship and Guidance: Receive invaluable insights from mentors in civic advocacy and policy.

Course Highlights

- Week 1: Team Dynamics + Explorative Lenses

Kickstart your journey with an introduction to our learning network, an exploration of pressing environmental issues and solution oriented lesson plans. Students will vote for their project to be completed by the end of the session

- Week 2: Constitutional Insight

Delve into the legal underpinnings of environmental law, including how to work alongside government agencies to make effective change.

- Week 3: Problem Analysis + Solution Building

Conduct an analysis of your chosen environmental issue using network research. With insights from local experts, propose solutions and refine your collaborative model.

- Week 4: Solution Implementation

Work to complete your solution model, evaluate its effectiveness, and celebrate your achievements with the local community.

Your Summer to Make a Difference! VoxBox is a unique experience unlike any other summer program. It’s a chance to grow, learn valuable skills, and contribute to a cause that matters. Be a part of the next generation of changemakers and help pave the way to a better future.

Who Should Apply? Students age 13-18

-Aspiring Changemakers: You’re passionate about making a positive difference in the community

-Collaborative Spirits: You thrive in team settings and value diverse perspectives

VoxBox is an equal access opportunity with no cost to participants. Students will be provided free snacks and beverages for every session.


American Museum of Tort Law, 654 Main St. Winsted, CT 06098

860-379-0505 or [email protected]

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