Wonderful opportunity for High School teachers and Students to experience one of the foundations of our personal freedom and safety in America.

Tort law is one of the three main pillars of American law (along with contract law and criminal law).  It is the law of wrongful injury; the law that lets an injured person hold the wrongdoer accountable. And it evolved hand-in-hand with trial by jury, a right guaranteed in our Bill of Rights.

The American Museum of Tort Law is designed to empower teachers and students with a broad knowledge of our civic rights by sharing the truth behind high profile tort cases. It is not mired in legal-speak; cases are presented through visually stunning artwork and easy-to-understand formats that are important teaching tools for children. The illustrations and artwork in the museum have been created by some of the finest artists, illustrators and cartoonists in the world.

The museum is housed in the historic former Winsted Savings Bank building, a fine example of classic architecture. Allow our experts to guide your classes through the displays on historical cases of precedent that built the “edifice of common law of torts,” along with major cases, including judicial decisions in auto safety, tobacco, asbestos and invasion of privacy. 

Curriculum Resources

Help your students understand the dynamics of Tort Law through an exploration of cases and the history of the law in America prior to their visit. Expand their knowledge of the power of our civil justice system. Tort Law has evolved through major social change.

To help you prepare for your visit or develop your classroom curriculum, we offer a pre- and post- visit materials.

Students will learn about the evolution of tort law, the law of wrongful injury to persons and property, the system of law that governs wrongdoing

Contact Us to Schedule a Tour

All guided tours are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact us at the museum at: (860) 379-0505 or fill out the form to contact our Director of Engagement, Joan Bowman.

What People Say About The Tours

Very enlightening

Our first trip to this museum and we learned so much about how the general public contributes to tort law changes.  Very enlightening.  Beautiful museum.

A fantastic museum

This was a richer presentation of material than anything I experienced during law school.  A fantastic museum.  I would encourage everyone, even if you don’t have an interest in the law, to visit.  Well done!

Brilliantly conceived

Fantastic exhibits-wonderful way to share the importance of tort law to our democracy. Such an important museum! It is so tastefully assembled and brilliantly conceived. Thank you!