2019 Tort Law Survey

The Results Are In

Thanks to everyone that participated.

Tort law is underutilized by the people

95% Agree

The decline in the number of jury trials under the law of torts is concerning.

Judges are pressing too hard for settlements or diversion into arbitration, etc. in order to avoid trials.

56% Strongly Agree

The overall state budgets for the judiciary are NOT adequate to handle the demands for justice.

Trial lawyers are NEGATIVELY portrayed and reported on in the media.

Your state trial lawyers association DOES NOT HAVE an adequate budget and enough active members.

Do you believe your state trial lawyers association is aggressive enough in combatting attacks on the civil justice system and working to expand civil justice.

How much should the trial bar engage in public education campaigns on the important benefits of tort law and the great experience of serving on juries?

Do you think cy pres awards and family foundations could help fund such efforts?

Do you believe there should be an annual National Tort Law Day to educate the people about the benefits of tort law for the health, safety, and affirmative action for justice by the American people (or to counter the next effort to limit access to the civil justice system)?

How active are current efforts to limit access to courts and justice?