A Corporate Court

Corporate Supreme Court

By Richard Newman & Tom Lebert The world is becoming increasingly driven by large corporations and those who would benefit from them as wealth inequality skyrockets and antitrust law is seldom used. The tort law system we celebrate at the American Museum of Tort Law has helped to protect the people from the wrongdoings of…

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Bayer Pays Doctors Amid Birth Control Implant Scandal

By Tom Lebert Pharmaceutical company Bayer announced on July 20, 2018 that a controversial device for permanent birth control, Essure, will be taken off the market amid reports of injury and death. The device was taken off the market in England, Canada, and France, among other countries, but has still been sold in the United…

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Legal Immunities Mock the Law

Corporate Chickens

So there’s this gimmick, see? A special interest group of one sort or another goes before a legislature somewhere – a State Capital, or Washington D.C., and says, “We’re so important, but at the same time so helpless, that you must preserve and protect us, by making us immune from lawsuits.” It’s a clever gimmick,…

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For Shame

Tort law, as noted historian Eric Foner put it, is the “weapon of the weak.”  It lets the wrongfully injured hold wrongdoers accountable.  It is a centuries–old mechanism whereby juries – regular people like you and me –  decide how much money will fairly compensate someone who has been devastated by the wrongful, harmful act…

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When Cops go Bad

There is an interesting article in the New York Times, today, “$16 Million vs. $4: Why Payouts in Police Shootings Vary Widely,” written by Timothy Williams and Mitch Smith, (A version of this article appears in print on June 29, 2018, on Page A10 of the New York edition with the headline: “The Value of…

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